Mr Zimi Maxi Skirt (Currently with Tumnus)

This fabric gives quite a bit so the skirt sits lower than waist hight. Probably more of a size 12...

Colour : Patterned
Brands: Mr Zimi
Garment Type ( Top, Pants, Dress, Skirt, Coat etc..): Maxi Skirt
Size (UK) : 10

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Megan O

11 months ago

Borrowing until June 1! So beautiful!

Shanya 069 edit


7 months ago

With Carla Z until 17 Sept x

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Caitie S

6 months ago

Hi Grace, I’ve borrowed your skirt. Will return by 31/10 Thank you! Love the colours x


Heidi L

1 month ago

Hey Grace! Thanks for the skirt - I'll have it til 23 March xx

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