Alpha 60 Slip Dress (Currently with Tumnus)

Available : 3 weeks

Dry Clean / Hand Wash

Colour : Black
Brands: Alpha 60
Garment Type ( Top, Pants, Dress, Skirt, Coat etc..): Dress
Size (UK) : 8

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Dsc 6255


11 months ago

borrowing this for a few weeks! will return the first of june :)


Jac J

10 months ago

Hi everybody - this beauty is in my care for until 6th July. Lucky me! Merci Shanya!


ivanka u

8 months ago

Hello, I picked up this dress at the zero waste festival i will return it by sept 9th. THANK YOU


ivanka u

6 months ago

Hey Shanya! can I borrow it for a couple more weeks? kind of want to try now that the warm weather is finally arriving. Let me know what you think.

Shanya 069 edit


6 months ago

Hey Ivanka,

It's def more of a summer dress I agree which is why I'm hoping to take it to Europe with me!! Sorry but I'll be happy for you to borrow it again when I'm back in Nov?? I'm sure you can extend the other one thou.

ps, I'm leaving in 5 days, any chance we can ship it back ASAP.


Shanya xx

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