Velvet Dress

Colour : Pink
Brands: Sheike
Garment Type ( Top, Pants, Dress, Skirt, Coat etc..): Dress
Size (UK) : 8

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2 years ago

Borrowed this beauty for Dior event at NGV, nailed it ;)


1 years ago

Hey Doireann. I picked this dress up at the pop up. I actually want it for an event on August 2nd. So if you want it back or someone else wants it in the mean time, let me know. Otherwise is it cool for me to hang on to it until the event? x

Doireann L

1 years ago

Absolutely fine, no-one looking to borrow it yet but if they do I will let you know ;) xx


1 years ago

Hey I've just borrowed this until the 9th of September! Thanks! Xx

Ellen F

1 years ago

Borrowed for Melbourne Fashion Week, returning Monday 10th September! Thank you Dioreann!

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