Information about Tumnus

How it works

How it works

Here you’ll find the finer details and some FAQ’s answered. And if you’ve read up to here, we already love you! Stick with us; it’ll be worth it… pinkie promise.

Joining Tumnus

This is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Create your profile – you’ve done this lots of times, so just follow the prompts!

2. Tell everyone about yourself – let’s all get to know each other, knowing you’ve got stuff in common makes it easier to share. Feeling stuck? Maybe answer some of these questions. What brands or styles do you love? Who are your style icons? What’s your secret power? What’s your favourite thing to do with a day off?

3. Upload your sharing wardrobe – this is as easy as uploading a photo from your desktop or phone. It makes sense to use good photos where the garment and its details look great. Use photos of you in the garment from an event, take a mirror selfie or using a photo from a brands website is good too. All the photos!

As you upload, you’ll have the option to list as ‘sharing’ or ‘sharing with deposit’. Sharing with deposit is recommended for items of a higher value.

Now, let’s answer some questions you’re starting to ask yourself.

What should I share?

Quality pieces you don’t wear as much and are happy for someone else to enjoy (remembering you’ll get them back). Things like, a bold print dress you’ve been Instagrammed in lots, a silhouette you bought multiple of, a classic winter coat or one of your many LBDs, and so on. Don’t just think special occasion items either; everyday wear should be shared too!

Dig deep, we’ve all got stuff that’s not new to us but others would love.


Sharing is simple. By clicking ‘Borrow Now’ on a listing, you’ll be contacting each other directly. Start a chat thread and perhaps create a capsule collection for each other, rather than borrowing just one item. Agree on how long you’d like to borrow items and then organise to collect or courier (more on this shortly). Follow cleaning instructions and return.

Sharing with deposit

Sharing with deposit gives the lender piece of mind that higher value items will be returned as they were shared out by the agreed date. The deposit is held by Tumnus using Stripe and is refunded to the borrower 5-10 business days after the lender notifies Tumnus items have been returned. Tumnus and the lender have the right to withhold the deposit if the borrower does not meet the requirement.  

There is a small processing fee of $1 (or 5% if the deposit is higher than $100) that the borrower will incur, unfortunately  we have to pass this on, as it’s an external cost. As an example, if you borrow something that has a $100 deposit, $95 will be refunded, if you borrow something that has a $150 deposit, $142.50 will be refunded. Let us put it another way… if you borrow an Acne jacket for 2 weeks that has a $100 deposit, it will only cost you $5. Sweet as!

Collect or courier

It won’t cost a thing if you meet up to collect items. Our recommended courier service is Go-Fetch and the borrower should always pay for and organise this. 

Returning items

The borrower is responsible to organise and pay to return the borrowed item either directly to the lender or send it back to Tumnus HQ.  Our recommended courier service are Go-Fetch and Auspost, please make sure to keep a tracking number or a proof of postage to ensure the deposit fee refunding. 

Responsible sharing policy

Tumnus is a community that makes sharing quality clothes easy so we can all enjoy the benefits. By joining Tumnus you agree to follow our responsible sharing policy. Members will need to treat each other with respect and follow all instructions agreed upon between users. Tumnus aims to provide a safe and trusting environment, however we recommend members read reviews to make an informed decision before lending or borrowing pieces.

Many people ask what happens if something gets lost or damaged, as absolutely, accidents happen. The borrower is responsible to replace or pay to the value of the garment for up to $250. Tumnus accepts no liability for the condition of items on return of the borrower and Tumnus does not own any of the items listed.

We encourage members to work together to resolve any issues. However, we’re one of your style sisters and that means we’re always here to help. So please, get in touch. 

Community Rules

By using Tumnus, you agree that you will not:

·       use the service for any purpose that is illegal

·       spam, solicit money from or defraud any members

·       impersonate any person or entity 

Photo shoot

We host photo shoots regularly to help you create the best possible profile, keep your eye out on our social  for the next one. If you want to know what goes down on the shoot day, check out our behind the scenes below.

If you read all the way to bottom, you're a super star and we love you the most!