Information about Tumnus


About Tumnus

Tumnus allows you to share quality fashion with people in your area. Find your fashion twin and find a new friend too.

Whether it’s a statement piece for something special, or keeping it fresh for work, to trying out a brand you’ve always wanted too, at last there’s a stylish solution that means we can always look a million bucks without having to spend it.

So style-sisters, say goodbye to wondering what to wear next and say hello to Tumnus!


Tumnus believes we should all be able to look good, without a cost to others or the environment.

For most of us who love fashion, it’s almost impossible to keep a wardrobe topped up with everything we’d like. Or sometimes it just feels like we’ve got nothing new to wear. Rather than spend on cheaper items that aren’t made well, Tumnus let’s you borrow other member’s awesome apparel.

Sharing reduces landfill, extends the life cycle of clothing and saves money.

Then when it comes time to spend, with the money saved we can afford to invest in quality items that last and will be worth sharing with others.

Lastly, by building a community we’re stronger together and able to make fashion more sustainable, one amazing outfit at a time.

If you have any questions, ideas or feedback please get in touch at